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Pagsanjan Tour

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Pagsanjan Falls is a popular day-trip about 100 km SE of Manila. The river is called bumbungan river which cuts through a gorge lined with lush vegetation and various small waterfalls. The upstream boat ride takes about an hour while the return trip is just around 45 minutes. The canoes are close to 6-m long, made of wood( banca ) they sit 4 people. Two boatmen with paddles jump from rocks on the way to steer the boat. After a while, a dead-end box canyon is reached where Pagsanjan Falls tumbles over. Here you can take a raft-ferry across the plunge pool to the base of the falls. Be sure to bring towels, swimming costumes, sunscreen and an appetite for adventure!

 Pagsanjan Falls Tours

Pagsanjan Falls (indigenous name: Magdapio Falls) is one of the most famed waterfalls in the Philippines. The falls have grown into a major tourist attraction for the region. Pagsanjan is most famous for these falls in particular. The town itself dates from early Spanish times and lies at the confluence of two rivers, the Balanac and the Bumbungan. Tourists are ferried to the famed falls with a traditional Filipino Banca boat manned by skilled Pagsanjeño boatmen (bankeros).

The base of the Pansanjan falls is a natural pool, allowing great swimming and diving. There are some caves to explore around the area which are known for their acoustics. Behind the waterfalls there is also a small cave which you can enter. The falls are also famous for its massage, where people get 'massaged' under the falls.

Pagsanjan Boat Tour

Don't look funny wearing clothes as if you're going to the mall. Be ready to get wet. Have plastic bags for your cameras, wallets and other keep-dry-items. bring a towel, sunscreen and change of clothes.

2 people or more Php 5000 each.. If one Php 9000
Discounts available for groups of 4 or more.

FREE hotel pick-up/drop off at any hotel in Makati or Manila
Deluxe air-conditioned roundtrip transportation
Driver, Tour Guide, Toll & Parking Fee
Boat ride with life vest
Raft ride under the waterfall

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